BID Services

Free WiFi

This year, The DUMBO Improvement District launched Free DUMBO WiFi - making DUMBO even more of a digital district - as the first neighborhood to offer Free WiFi in the streets and public spaces - thanks to a partnership with Two Trees Management who sponsored this innovative initiative. Yes, DUMBO beat Manhattan to Free WiFi! Since June 2011, thousands have logged into the free network - connecting in the streets, Brooklyn Bridge Park and in the Pearl Street Triangle and The Archway under the Manhattan Bridge.


The DUMBO Improvement District's Doe Fund workers are out on the streets of DUMBO seven days a week providing supplemental street cleaning and beautification. The Doe Fund is a non-profit that works to break the cycles of homelessness, addiction, and criminal recidivism - by creating work and job skills training programs to help homeless individuals in their efforts to become self-sufficient. The DUMBO Improvement District is extremely proud to contract and partner with this program, and we are proud of the work these men do here every day.

  • Total miles of sidewalk Doe Fund workers clean each day: 5.8 miles
  • Number of DoeFund workers on the job each day: 4
  • Number of days per week they're out there: 7
  • Number of Bags of Trash picked up in FY11: 24,900 bags
  • Pounds of Trash Collected in FY11: 358,560 lbs


The DUMBO Improvement District has advocated for better public spaces, infrastructure and greater attention for the neighborhood since 2006. Restoring the historic Belgian Block streets has been top of that list and we are looking forward to the completion of Phase I (Water and Washington Streets) in fall 2011 - and the start of Phase II in the very near future.

Management of Public Spaces

The DUMBO Improvement District maintains The Archway Under the Manhattan Bridge and the Pearl Street Triangle in partnership with the New York City Department of Transportation. This includes plantings and cleaning and programming with events including markets, concerts, public art installations and more.

Other initiatives include neighborhood marketing and tourism efforts and partnering with all sorts of organizations and producers to bring great things to DUMBO.